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This website is created by Evguenia Anichtchenko in collaboration with the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center and with the financial support from the Alaska Historical Commission and Cook Inlet Historical Society. The web design and development was provided by Kirill Shabunov and Julia Alexeyeva of

The images in this site are reproduced with the permission of the copyright holding institutions and can be used only for personal research and education. Please contact individual museums and archives if you wish to reproduce or copy these images.

This project would be impossible without kind assistance of many museum and archival professionals in both Russia and the United States. We would like to thank Sergey Korsun of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography in St. Petersburg, Russia, who many years ago proposed the idea of a catalogue of all images of Russian America, as well as his colleagues – Director of the same museum Yuri Chistov and the Deputy Director Yulia Kupina, who provided copies of images from their collection free of charge. Equally generous contribution was made by the Anchorage Museum, and we are particularly thankful for the assistance offered by Sara J. Piasecki and Zane Treesh.

Many thanks go to Sandra Johnston at the Alaska State Library, Juneau, Alaska, Vera Kessenich at the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Elena Prasolova of the Museum of the Russian Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia, for their help with securing images from these institutions. Staff of the Russian Naval Archive in St. Petersburg, Russia, and especially Elena Nikandrova went above and beyond to help us navigate their extensive and fabulous holdings.

Last but not least, this work was supported on all levels by Tatiana Anichtchenko and Jason Rogers, whose enthusiasm and dedication powered this project from day one.